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MB Global Logistics, Inc.

We understand the road – we understand the business. 

Having worn almost every hat in the industry, we know what it’s like to be a vendor, a customer, and a driver. 

MB Global Logistics, Inc. is dedicated in becoming one of the leading companies in the transportation business with an ultimate goal of providing reliable, on time transportation services to our business partners, as well as safe and healthy working environment for our employees and sub-contractors. The Company’s aim is to maintain an exemplary safety score in all of the categories and keep all of the equipment intact while educating drivers on safety protocols. Here at MB Global Logistics Inc. we are proud that we employ safety, equipment, dispatch personnel to assist every driver 24/7.

A few words about us

Opportunities. Commitment. Comfort. Variety.
  • With competitive pay and a bonus program, you’ll always have the opportunity to go higher in your career.
  • 24/7 personal commitment to your freight. An in-house dispatch team working every day, including holidays and weekends.

Great Experience

Our combined experience of being drivers, owner-operators, freight specialists, dispatchers, and brokers gives us the advantage over other similar companies. We understand the road – we understand the business.

Quality Service

Having worn almost every hat in the industry, we know what it’s like to be a vendor, a customer, and a driver. We will work with you giving you our utmost personal service and cost – effective solutions.

Dedicated to you

Our truckload freight services are handled by a professional staff of experienced freight specialists 24/7!


Be a part of our team

Being part of a team is important to a lot of people. It means making important decisions together and sharing in success.

MB Global Logistics is committed to providing professional and exemplary services through each and every one of its employees and drivers. MB Global Logistics provides a safe working environment which expressly prohibits any discrimination, sexual harassment, or hostility in the workplace between any of MB Global Logistics’ employees, drivers, agents, or customers. Any and all violations of these policies should be brought to the Company’s attention immediately via email to the Complaints department (complaints@mbglogistics.com).

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Let's Work Together.

We pledge to provide our customers, drivers and office personnel with honest, proactive communication and to treat them with integrity, respect and professionalism.